steiner early years specialist


Since 1990 I have been involved in Steiner Kindergarten education, firstly as a Kindergarten teacher, and now as an Early Years Specialist. Here you will find the sessions I run, many of them for twenty years or more, which have been created for people who wish to work in a creative and imaginative way with young children either as parents, teachers or carers. 
I care deeply for the family unit which is struggling to survive today's preoccupation with testing, early intellectualism and a general hurrying of childhood.  Being a parent is frequently undervalued and parents and teachers find themselves often lacking in the resourcefulness needed when faced with children in their care.

Children learn best when there is a strong connection to the natural world and where caring adults do purposeful work with and around them. Through my work as a Steiner Practitioner, I see how a gentle, artistic, homely environment where child development is truly understood and considered makes for an inner resilience and confidence in the life of each child. After a child's seventh year the challenges of academic work are met with greater enthusiasm once the rich imaginative world of early childhood has been given time to flourish.

My sessions are for individuals who are seeking a different path to the main educational trends of the 21st century and who are interested in finding out about the theory and practice of Steiner early years education.