An introductory course to Steiner early years education

This course takes place on Saturday mornings every month, starting in September, from 9.15am to 1.30pm. 

It aims to bring Steiner early years education in a practical and accessible format to adults interested in developing their own resources and understanding of children. The sessions are practical, covering a different main topic each month. Crafts, songs, poetry, puppetry all follow the seasonal calendar and organic , homemade food and refreshments are offered in the morning break period.

Finding time for oneself and reflecting on ones own life and family experiences when in a friendly, safe environment can be deeply rewarding. Some participants have even attended this course twice! A rhythm that works for you and your family can be found, and  the aim of this course is to support each individual in finding that way. It has also served as an introduction to further training in Steiner related training.

Education for a Happy Childhood has been running since 1998 and has proved very popular with people of all ages, gender and professional occupation. Applicants are advised to apply well in advance of the starting date in September to secure a place.


9.15-9.30 - Welcome, Verse, Adult songs.

9.30-9.55 - Seasonal Songs, Ring time, Finger Rhymes and Poetry

9.55-10.10 - Seasonal stories, Puppetry

10.10-11.30 - Main Topic & Discussion

11.30-12.00 - Break for refreshment

12.00-1.30 - Seasonal Arts and crafts

Each morning covers a special main topic and seasonal theme.


1. Child development in the light of anthroposophy and Steiner education.

2. Creative Play – Creating the right environment for imaginative and resourceful play.

3. Rhythm, Repetition and Reverence - How these qualities are of primary importance for the young child.

4. Seasonal Festivals and Celebrations - The cycle of the year, birthdays and special days of celebration.

5. Story Telling - The art of telling stories and the power of puppetry.

6.  Mealtimes - Growing, preparing, cooking and & making meals with a young family.

7.  The 12 Senses - What they are and how we can care for and protect them.

8.  Creative Discipline - The importance of imitation, role-models and loving boundaries.

9. Music, language & gesture - How to become more sensitive and creative within the world of sound and gesture.

10.  Present Day Issues - The changing role of the family and the place of media and technology.


At the present time many parents feel isolated and unsupported by the extended family and wider society. This course hopes to bring together kindred spirits in a warm and friendly way. Confidence and resourcefulness are valuable tools when working with young children. Help, encouragement and enthusiasm are offered to bring greater awareness and understanding of how to improve the quality of family life. Many friendships and newly awakened skills have blossomed at these workshops over the years.

This is one of only a few such courses available in UK. It serves as an introduction to Steiner education and does not provide participants with a formal qualification. On completion of the course a Certificate of Attendance will be given.



' I have really enjoyed all aspects of this course, some of my favourites have been the crafts, story-telling and ringtimes. Also the chance to be amongst people of similar outlook discussing interesting life questions' KB

'I can't thank Joy enough for all her love and strength in her conviction that our children really are the most important people in our lives and that to simplify and prioritise creates harmony in the family unit.' EF

' It was so good to have space to discuss issues of parenting and to understand more about a Steiner education's perspective. It has helped me consider what is really important in our lives' SCS