New series looking at four common problematic and sensitive topics of childhood


Starting in September, this course takes place in Bath over four Saturday mornings 9.15am to 1.30pm. 

The sessions are designed for parents and carers of children from 0 - 7 years old who are interested and concerned about the environment surrounding young children today. It is ideal for participants who have already attended the Education for a Happy Childhood course but it is not imperative.

 These mornings will follow a similar structure to the Education for a Happy Childhood series. The sessions will study in depth areas of childcare not commonly discussed which, often provoke strong reactions due to their sensitive nature. It is hoped that participants will be able to implement greater empathy and confidence when dealing with these common areas of difficulty following the course.

New songs, stories and crafts will be experienced to aid participant’s confidence, imagination and resourcefulness when caring for young children.


9.15-9.30 - Welcome, Verse, Adult songs.

9.30-9.55 - Children’s songs, games, finger-rhymes, poetry

9.55-10.10 - Story-telling & Puppetry

10.10-11.30 - Main Topic & Discussion

11.30-12.00 - Break for refreshment

12.00-1.30 - Arts and crafts


1. The Four Temperaments

What are they and what important part do they play when parenting and caring for children.

An understanding of the four temperaments, choleric, melancholic, phlegmatic and sanguine can provide a tremendously useful way of coping with the strengths and weaknesses of a child’s and our own predominant temperament, especially when they clash.

2. Sleep

What happens when a child sleeps and how does the quality of sleep affect a child’s health and engagement with the world around them.

Bedtimes and sleep problems are becoming major issues in family life. Why is this? An understanding of how a rhythmic and reverential life including a healthy approach to what we digest in our day can greatly encourage nourishing and healthy sleep.

3. Bullying

What do we mean by bullying behaviour and how can new ways be found to secure positive solutions to negative behaviour.

Bullying is an issue that still remains poorly dealt with in our society. Understanding how to deal with children’s negative behaviour in a child-developmentally appropriate way is essential for greater compassion and resilience to develop.

4. Sex and Sexuality

Ways to address an age-appropriate approach to discussing intimate, personal relationships with children to ensure their safety and trust.

Knowing how to talk to young children about sex and sexuality is something few parents are prepared for. It is very important that issues surrounding touch, privacy and love are understood and shared without inhibition or confusion for healthy and positive attitudes to develop in later life.


These sessions have arisen due to the urgent need to address the distress and difficulty both children and adults are experiencing in family and school life. An early, free-playing childhood has never before been so under threat. Many parents feel unable to cope and children are showing a great rise in anxiety, depression and self-harm.


Testimonials from Education for a Happy Childhood Sessions:

' This course was an inspiration. There was a wealth of material, hands-on craft, wonderful puppet shows and a lovely space in which to experience some of what is offered to children in Steiner education'   S. Ware, Devon

'Everything was made so lively and interesting. I really looked forward to going each month'   G. Clay, Cardiff

'I gained so much confidence in so many ways and found I went home refreshed and enthusiastic'   C. Wheeler, Glos