I  work from my home in a quiet, rural setting close to the village of Marshfield, South Gloucestershire. I take much of my inspiration from the hill top views and steeply wooded valleys of this area. The colour, tone and light of my work is strongly affected by the landscape that I see every day.  

I make quick, pencil compositional sketches when starting a new series of work, and then move swiftly to oil paint. Priming with a dark-toned base layer on board and occasionally on paper or linen. I often work on five or six pictures simultaneously. Using brushes, pencil,  cloths, sandpaper and various scratching tools, a process of building up and taking away takes place until the composition, tone and colour vibrancy feels right. 

I enjoy the freedom of work that is inspired by the observation of the natural world and which I then feel free to play with. Taking key elements I then try to present them in a semi-abstract or simplified form. This process can transform the original image completely. Experimenting with the surface textures and creating a strong sense of mood and light, I am happy to let my imagination take over.

 At present the people whose work I find I refer to the most includes : the ancient murals and sculptures of Egypt and Assyria; the artists of St. Ives and Ben Nicholson's paintings in particular; Bonnard, Gaugin, Rousseau, Spencer; the ancient sculpture of Benin and the sculptures of Henry Moore together with the land art of Andy Goldsworthy.

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